Sun Rays Striped Ring

Allow the sun to shine on you with this silver ring, featuring a striped design reminiscent of sun rays on the front and a unique hammered texture on the back. This piece was upcycled from a vintage belt loop.

Material: sterling silver.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

Long ago, when the Sun first emerged above the Earth and light shone down upon the dirt, a young man emerged from the Earth fully grown. He had hair the color of corn and skin the color of gold, and he worshiped the Sun and her blessings. Every night, as the Sun sunk below the horizon, he would pray for her return the following morning, and each day, his prayers were answered, and the Sun rose, enveloping him in her golden embrace. The Sun named her child Solomon, and bestowed many gifts upon him. In the summer, she created blossoms that grew fruit for him to eat, and in the winter, she created fire that kept him warm. 

Solomon loved his mother, but as time went on, he longed for a physical companion to spend his days with. Seeing the loneliness her child had been subjected to, the Sun broke off one of her brilliant rays and formed it into a silver ring. She instructed Solomon to plant the ring in the Earth and water it everyday, and soon a companion would sprout. 

Solomon followed these directions meticulously, and sure enough, after many months, a woman emerged from the soil. She had glowing eyes the color of fire and hair that shone like amber. On her finger, a thick silver band sat, marked with the rays of the Sun. 


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