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Sterling and recycled tin leaf dangles

Like a leaf clings to a tree, these darling layer earrings will cling to you as you breeze through your day. An embossed leaf vein motif branches over a peachy, diamond shaped inset (custom colors available) within a lightweight, brushed satin layer of upcycled tin that shines!


All of my jewelry incorporates recycled tins (ear hooks and necklaces are sterling silver). I find the most amazing patterns and colors in tea tins, cookie tins, coffee cans, even old lunch boxes. I love the veritable treasure trove of options! My tin collection is vast (much to my husband's chagrin) so please be sure to send me a message if you have custom color requests. Chances are I have something in that color (and if I don't, I usually know where to find it).

Grandma sent you cookies in a tin, mom’s favorite coffee can, dad’s old lunch box? I do custom pieces to help you wear that nostalgia everyday.

Most of my work is made to order, so please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipment. Please message before purchasing if you require the exact color shown in one of the images, please message me before purchasing to ensure I have that availability. Given that all pieces are handmade and repurposed material is used, no two items are ever “exactly” alike

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