Ship Pendant Necklace

Embrace the spirit of adventure with this sterling silver necklace featuring a ship design. The intricately detailed pendant hangs from a sleek sterling silver chain, creating a captivating accessory.

This piece is apart of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

In the 1800s, when transportation between countries relied almost exclusively on ships, a sea captain by the name of John “Mack” Killian was highly sought after for these excursions. Nobody knew where he got the name “Mack,” but it was what everyone called him. The only person to refer to him by his given name, John, was his wife, a quiet woman who would take on both parental roles for weeks at a time while her husband was away. Their clan was small, two boys and a girl, all with the same shining red hair as their father. 

Being a highly sought after ship captain didn’t pay as well as one might think, and since Mack was gone for upwards of four weeks at a time, the Killian clan was often left to fend for themselves. Mack’s wife, Mariann, worked as a nanny for a wealthy family in their town to make ends meet. The matriarch of her employer's family was an exotic woman known for her talents in silver jewelry making. The two women had met in the market on a casual Sunday afternoon, Mariann bargaining for bread and the matriarch looking for silver to melt down and turn into something new. They quickly became friends, and the matriarch offered Mariann a job in her home. 

Their friendship was a highlight in both women’s lives, and they could often be found together, sitting over cups of steaming tea, laughing about the intricacies of their daily lives. 

The matriarch knew of Mack and his long voyages, and how they affected her friend, so during one particularly long excursion, she left a small, velvet box outside Mariann’s door. 

The box, which was discovered by one of Mariann's sons, was the color of a ripe plum, and attached was a small piece of parchment. 


I know how hard these trips must be. Here’s something to remind you of him. -M

Inside the box was a small, silver pendant with a ship engraved on the surface. It hung from a delicate silver chain. From that point on, Mariann could not be seen without her prized jewel. 

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