Paper Airplanes

Add a touch of whimsy to your everyday look with these sweet post-style silver dangles, featuring a petite paper airplane accent. The freeform shapes have a brushed matte finish that gives them a modern look. They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them the perfect choice for all-day wear. Add them to your jewelry collection today and let them bring a touch of fun and creativity to your everyday style.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:


Lost among old toys and holiday decorations, a crumpled piece of printer paper lays in a dusty attic. It does not know how long it has been there, for paper cannot tell these things, but it had been quite some time by the afternoon a young Hiro came looking for a toy and found it. Hiro carefully smoothed the rough edges, revealing a note inside. 

At the market, back soon. Love you. -L

The note was accompanied by a doodle of a flower, and Hiro instantly recognized it as his father’s handwriting and first initial. It must have been an old note he had written to Hiro’s mother that got lost overtime. Hiro folded the paper carefully, first in half, then two corners inwards, and so on until he had made a paper airplane. Hiro brought the revitalized note, in airplane form, to his father, who laughed when Hiro told him of the contents. 

Hiro’s father reached into the drawer of the desk where he sat and pulled out a long, thin piece of string. He tied one end of the string to the nose of the plane and taped the other to the ceiling, so that the plane appeared mid-flight, permanently hovering over them.

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