Lunar Surface Ring

This recycled silver ring boasts a mesmerizing lunar surface look, reminiscent of the moon's textured terrain. The petite band adds a touch of delicacy to the overall design, creating a nice balance between boldness and subtlety.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

Thousands of years ago, on a remote island off the coast of Florida, it rained pieces of the moon. The island's inhabitants woke to the sounds of heavy rocks hitting their roofs and rushed outside to see small, silver chunks of the sky falling down to Earth. One islander picked up a piece that had landed at his feet and turned it over in his hands. It was no bigger than a coin, with a rough texture that held many divots. He pocketed the silver chunk and returned to his home, where he spent the remainder of the night crafting a ring out of his chunk of moon and listening to the sky fall around him. 

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