Wide band mountain ring

Introducing the ultimate symbol of adventure and elegance - a sterling silver wide band ring featuring a breathtaking mountain design detail. Crafted from a repurposed sterling silver spoon, this ring is not just a fashion statement, but a nod to the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainability. Perfect for everyday wear, this ring is a conversation starter and a reminder to live life to the fullest. Get ready to elevate your style and make a statement with this unique and special piece.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

Before humans dug their hands into the Earth, two mountains were in love. Mt. Rainier, an alpine wonder that towers above land that would later be inhabited by the city of Tacoma, and Mt. Hood, covered in a thick layer of ice and snow. The two mountains had been in love since the beginning of time, and were eternally punished by the near 200 miles that ran between them. 

“I love you!” Mt. Rainier would call over the vast forests, shaking the tops of the tallest trees with his thunderous roar. 

“I love you!” Mt. Hood will call back, causing waves to heave and crash over the shores. 

Everyday the pair would watch the sunrise over the same ocean and bathe them in orange morning light. Mt. Hood preferred this time of day. She loved the caw of a crow, awakening from its slumber, and the spattering of dew that covered her grassy fields. Every night they would watch the sunset over the East, holding out for the final moments of deep purple light before the sky turned black. Mt. Rainier liked this time better, for he would spend the entire night telling Mt. Hood about the stars in the sky.


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