Sterling and turquoise post earrings

Fun post style earrings upcycled from a sterling silver and turquoise belt buckle! Great casual earrings that can be worn with anything!

Earrings are about 1.5” long and about 0.25” wide.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

Deep in the desert of Arizona, a crew of vigilantes watched over a small group of Indigenous peoples in exchange for food and shelter. The vigilantes mostly kept to themselves, a bunch of only four, three men and one woman, they spent most of their time riding their horses through plains of red dirt. The tribe rarely spoke with them, except the customary words exchanged when food was served to them. The two groups lived in harmony like this for many years before the communication barrier was broken. 

It was the woman, with dark skin and long, dark hair that was always kept in a braid, who spoke first, “One of our men has died. We would like to bury him on the land.” 

The vigilantes' wish was granted, and the tribe assisted with burial preparations, teaching the vigilantes how to properly wash and dress the deceased, and finally stood by as they buried their friend, far away from the living quarters, so as not to disturb their ghost. On a cool night in December, the vigilantes stood, hats in hands, and mourned their lost member. 

For many days after that, the vigilantes were not to be seen. They had taken their horses and a small, leather sack of dried fruit and meat and left. It wasn’t until the sunset on the shortest day of life they returned, worn and solemn. The crew, now only a trio, presented the tribe elders with earrings, crafted from silver and turquoise, as a sign of their gratitude. 


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