Chubby heart

Hand cut chubby little textured heart textured with a leaf skeleton and oxidized to show the detail. The pendant hangs from a 17" petit drawn sterling silver chain.

Pendant measures approximately .75" tall and .50" wide.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

Legend states that deep in the jungles of South America, a jewel crafted from the blood of a mighty jaguar keeps the rainforest alive. Hidden away for centuries, it has been the source of many explorations, all unsuccessful until a woman named Dr. Kumar sought out the sacred jewel. Dr. Kumar’s husband had fallen deathly ill and was rapidly reaching his mortal end when Dr. Kumar read about the jewel, which was rumored to have the ability to keep its owner alive. This was how she found herself deep in the Amazon rainforest, legs covered with mosquito bites and forehead dripping with sweat, searching for the crimson gem.

Taking a hesitant step forward, the Earth gave out beneath Dr. Kumar’s foot, and she fell through the soil into a subterranean cave. She landed on the cool rocks below with a hollow thud, the only light peaking through the hole from which she had fallen. Dr. Kumar assessed her body and found nothing to be broken, so she slowly raised herself off the ground and looked around the cave. There, tucked away in a bed of rock, was the largest, brightest jewel Dr. Kumar had ever seen. It shone brightly in the patch of sunlight, emitting a red glow around the cave. Dr. Kumar knew the legend, that it was this jewel that kept the jungle alive, and had come prepared to take only a small chunk, so that both her husband and the jungle would stay alive. She took out a small pickaxe and broke off a chunk of the gem, no bigger than a dime, and stowed it safely in a small bag. 

Upon her arrival home, she had the jewel made into a necklace with sterling silver, so her husband may never have to take it off. 


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