Round Art Deco Scrollwork Pendant Necklace

Calling all Art Deco lovers, this round, sterling silver pendant features ornate scrollwork that is reminiscent of the design style. Upcycled from an earring that lost its mate.

This piece is part of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

The 1920’s brought a new era of design to the bustling hub of New Oreleans, Louisiana. The sleek, geometric designs were categorized as “Art Deco,” a style popularized in Paris. Due to New Orleans French heritage, the movement quickly enraptured the coastal city. 

In 1931, a young craftsman affectionately known as Beaux-Beaux was the proprietor of a small silver jewelry store in the French Quarter. Considered to be a hidden gem, Beaux-Beaux’s work was beloved by locals and highly sought after within the community. Beaux-Beaux’s greatest inspiration for his jewelry was the emerging design styles of the Art-Deco movement, which could be found in surplus in architecture. He admired the geometric designs created by architects at the time, and poured over magazines featuring buildings from cities near and far for inspiration. 

Beaux-Beaux’s legacy haunts the streets of New Orleans, and long after his passing, his influence can still be seen in the windows of shops along the French Quarter. 


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