Penguin Pendant Necklace

Meet your new best friend. This charming sterling silver penguin pendant adds the perfect touch of whimsy to any ensemble. 

This piece is apart of the Story Collection. It's story can be found here:

A penguinarium refers to a habitat created for penguins that simulates their natural homes. The first penguinarium found its home at the Detroit Zoo in 1968, and has since been expanded to become the world's largest penguinarium. In 1968, however, when the penguinarium was merely a circular room in which the penguins could swim or walk without ever hitting a wall, a young girl by the name of Matilda fell in love with the flightless bird. She was fascinated by their rotund bodies, sleek with feathers that resembled fur, and their charming attitudes. Every week, she would beg her father to take her to visit her penguins. Matilda’s father, who worked as a factory worker, was rarely able to fulfill his daughter's request. The downtrodden look on her face every time he apologetically denied her wish was incredibly painful for him to witness every week. Thus, on the weeks he was able to scrape together enough extra cash for them to visit the zoo, it was always extra special.

For Matilda’s 11th birthday, she asked her father for a penguin. He laughed, a big, hoarse laugh, and told his daughter that a penguin would not be very happy living with them in their urban, one-bedroom apartment. Instead, he took Matilda to the zoo, where, as she watched the penguins swim around in circles, he purchased her a small, silver pendant of a penguin wearing a top hat and bowtie. He hadn’t enough money to purchase a chain to go with the pendant, but the look on Matilda’s face when she received her gift told him it was enough.

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