Dragonfly Wing Dangle Earrings

Fly away with these long dangle cutouts, reminiscent of the wings of a dragonfly. Made from recycled sterling silver.

This piece is part of the Story Collection, it's story can be found here:

Deep in the marshes of North Carolina, a colony of dragonflies resides. The dragonflies of this particular colony were all raised on the story of their original matriarch; a wistful dragonfly named Hera. Hera was raised as second in command to her brother, Titus. Even though Titus’s position as heir to the throne was secure, he was envious of Hera’s natural leadership skills, and one night, blinded by his greed and jealousy, he attempted to drown his sister in the marsh. 

Miraculously, Hera survived this attack on her life, but her delicate wings were lost to the murky waters. The colony rallied around her, providing her with materials to fashion new wings. Flower petals, leaves, webbing, and moss were all assimilated into a beautiful mosaic. With the support of her peers, Hera was able to slowly gain control of her adopted wings, and though she was unable to return to her former health, her resilience in times of tragedy inspired the colony, who unanimously decided she was to be the new heir. 

Titus was furious. As Hera recovered, he plotted his next attack against her life. On the day his attack was meant to take place, the colony gathered in front of Hera’s home, an army 1,000 dragonflies strong, and blocked Titus’s path. Titus was driven out of the marsh, banished from the kingdom he betrayed. 

After Hera’s father passed, the leadership role of the kingdom was bestowed upon her. From then on, the dragonflies were reigned only by matriarchs.  


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